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Traffic Loss Audit Service for SEO

Our Traffic Loss Audit Service is here to figure out why your website’s visitor numbers have gone down. We take a deep dive into your site to understand the drop in performance and ranking.


Detailed Check-up: Using our trusted C.R.I.C.S framework, we go beyond just a quick look, finding and fixing the deep-seated issues at the heart of the traffic loss to get your site back on track.


State-of-the-Art Tools and Scripts: We use a range of top-notch tools including Screaming Frog and custom Python scripts to give you a detailed analysis, helping pinpoint exactly what needs to be addressed.


Personalised Recovery Plans: Every website is different, which is why our strategies are tailor-made for your business. 


Dig deep to understand the issues, and let's plan for a comeback in your site's traffic.

Traffic Loss Audit Service

We provide the #1 Technical Traffic Loss SEO Services in Sydney

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An Overview - What We Do At Marketix Digital

Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit Services that Dig Deep

At Marketix Digital, we are dedicated to getting to the bottom of the issues causing your website’s traffic drop.


We take a detailed journey to not only identify but also rectify the hidden problems holding back your website. Using our precise C.R.I.C.S (Crawl, Render, Index, Cache, Serve) framework, we reveal key insights to strategise and reclaim your stellar website rankings.


About the Service


Our Comprehensive C.R.I.C.S Framework



In this initial stage, we meticulously examine how Google's bots interact with your site to pinpoint and address issues hindering optimal access and understanding of your content. We tackle roadblocks like server response glitches, improper redirects, htaccess issues, robot.txt files, and broken links to facilitate a flawless crawl process, laying a solid foundation for your website's visibility on Google's search results.



Here, we concentrate on ensuring Google correctly interprets your content. By optimising how your site renders — from JavaScript files to CSS stylesheets — we foster a better understanding and representation of your content in the search results, enhancing compatibility with Google's rendering process and promising a user-friendly experience.



At this juncture, we focus on the precise cataloguing of your site's essential pages in Google's database, avoiding the indexing of duplicate or irrelevant pages. This careful scrutiny involves an in-depth review of your indexed pages within the Google Search Console and the adept application of no-index and no-follow tags where necessary. This approach ensures a clear and concise representation of your site in Google’s eye, paving the way for higher rankings in the search outcomes.



During this phase, we investigate what Google has stored from your website, ensuring the cached snapshots are the truest representation of your site. By resolving any inconsistencies between the live site and Google’s cache, we work towards providing users with the most recent and accurate content, enhancing your site's ranking potential.



In the final step, we delve into how your website is presented in Google's search results. Through diligent analysis of server logs and understanding Googlebot's interactions with your site, we find and fix potential issues, optimising the way your site is served on the search results to facilitate a seamless user experience and elevate your site's visibility and ranking.

Traffic Loss Technical SEO Audit

We Are Technical SEO Specialists in Australia

Our Specialist Technical SEO Services

Traffic Loss Audits

Traffic Loss Audits

Experiencing a sudden drop in website traffic can be alarming. Our Traffic Loss Audits are designed to diagnose the causes behind any unexplained decreases.


We examine everything from Google algorithm updates to on-site issues to technical issues, providing actionable recommendations to recover and even boost your traffic levels.


Google Penalty Recovery

If your website has been hit by a Google penalty, it can severely impact your search rankings and organic traffic.


Our Penalty Recovery service is tailored to identify the root cause of the penalty, be it toxic backlinks or content issues, and to take corrective actions that not only recover your lost rankings but also fortify your site against future penalties.

Marketing Analytics

SEO Website Migration

Migrating a website can be a complex and risky process if not done correctly, often resulting in lost traffic and rankings.


Our Website Migration service ensures a smooth transition to your new website, taking into account SEO best practices, to maintain (or even improve) your search engine performance during and after the migration.

SEO Agency In Sydney

Traffic Loss SEO Services

Whether you're spearheading a tech startup in Sydney or running a seasoned business in Melbourne, our Traffic Loss Audit services are here to diagnose and counteract the issues causing your website’s declining traffic, thereby increasing your online visibility and fostering a resurgence in quality leads and client inquiries.


From the business hubs of Brisbane and the Gold Coast to the bustling businesses of Adelaide and Perth, we stand as your reliable ally in devising data-backed recovery strategies that are meticulously crafted to meet your distinct needs.


Our expertise spans across Australia, aiding businesses of all scales and niches to reclaim their lost digital ground and ascend to unprecedented heights in online search.



Video: How to Grow your Australian Business with our SEO Agency Precision.

How our SEO process works Step-by-Step

Our Traffic Loss SEO Process

Reach Out

1. Reach Out

Begin your road to recovery by reaching out to us. In this initial step, we take time to understand your business objectives and the potential causes behind your traffic loss. We gather comprehensive information to tailor a strategy that aligns seamlessly with your goals, setting a focused trajectory to regain your lost traffic.


SEO Consultation & Discovery

2. SEO Consultation and Discovery

Armed with an understanding of your objectives, we delve deeper in this stage through consultation and discovery sessions. We work closely with your team to identify valuable keywords, explore untapped SEO potentials, and understand your SEO history, setting a firm foundation for a recovery strategy grounded in insight and expertise.

Technical Audit

3. Technical Traffic Loss Audit

Here, we conduct a technical audit using our unique C.R.I.C.S framework and insights gleaned from Google's Search Console. We map out the key issues impacting your site, reverse engineering the problems to carve out an actionable recovery plan designed to give you a competitive edge.

Recovery Strategy Formulation

4.Recovery Strategy Formulation

With insights and data at our fingertips, we join forces with your team to craft a strategic roadmap for your recovery campaign. We encompass everything from technical infrastructure to backlink strategies, aimed at enhancing your website’s standings in search engine rankings.

We Meet

5. We Meet to Share Our Findings

Once the strategy is meticulously crafted, we arrange a session to walk you through our comprehensive findings and the proposed pathway forward. We outline the projected opportunities and establish key performance indicators to track the success of the recovery campaign.

Start Your Recovery Campaign

6. Launch Your Recovery Campaign


With a well-rounded strategy in place, we embark on the recovery campaign. Our attention shifts to diligent execution and monitoring performance, deploying strategies that are tailor-made to foster organic growth and recover lost ground in your website performance.

Our Reputation

Why Choose Us?

SEO Specialists

Exclusive Technical SEO Specialists

Our team is composed exclusively of seasoned SEO specialists. You won't find junior staff working on your campaigns. We breathe SEO every single day, and we're not distracted by other digital stuff like social media.


Led by our founder, a technical SEO expert with over 20 years of experience, we've created a high-performance SEO environment that aims for continuous 1% improvement every day.

Transparent Weekly Reporting

Unparalleled Transparency with Weekly Reporting

While many agencies provide only monthly or quarterly reports, we believe in total transparency and accountability. That's why we offer weekly reporting, allowing you an unprecedented view into the performance of your SEO campaign.


Our continuous analysis provides peace of mind, assuring you that your investment is generating measurable returns.

SEO Client Onboarding

Selective Client Onboarding

We don't take on every prospective client. Our mission is to work with clients who are an excellent fit for SEO—those we know we can achieve remarkable results for.


Our integrity and commitment to performance mean we only partner with businesses we genuinely believe will benefit from our expertise.and that will generate a positive ROI from our SEO services.

Proven Track Record At SEO

Comprehensive Services and Proven Track Record

We provide a full suite of cohesive SEO services, including keyword research, competitive analysis, technical audits, and content marketing. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that all aspects of your SEO—On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical—are seamlessly integrated.

This is backed by a proven track record of delivering measurable and sustainable results, using white-hat methods that are compliant with the latest Google guidelines.

Why Choose Marketix Digital for Your SEO Services?

When it comes to SEO, you deserve a partner as committed to your success as you are.  At Marketix Digital, we provide more than just SEO services; we offer peace of mind. Our team of dedicated specialists, led by a 20-year veteran in technical SEO, operates in a high-performance environment that’s focused solely on SEO.


Our selective client onboarding ensures that we only take on projects we know we can excel at. With unparalleled weekly reporting, we offer transparency that's second to none, making us accountable to you every step of the way. All of this is wrapped up in a comprehensive, tailored strategy that has a proven track record of delivering sustainable and remarkable results. Choose Marketix Digital, because when we commit to elevating your digital presence, we go all in.

Our Accolades & Awards

We've won a multitude of awards and received industry recognition.

Marketix Digital in the Clutch Leaders Quadrant

When you choose Marketix Digital, you're partnering with an industry leader recognised for excellence and innovation. Our consistent delivery of high-quality SEO services has not only resulted in successful client partnerships but also garnered us numerous accolades.


Here are some of the awards and recognitions we're particularly proud of:


Clutch Leaders Quadrant for SEO Service Providers Sydney 2023, MarketingMag Australia - Change Leaders Enterprise SEO 2023.

Manifest Global Awards B2B SEO Agency 2022, Media Innovator Awards 2022, Leading SEO Agency of the Year - Sydney 2022, Best SME Digital Marketing & SEO Agency - Sydney 2021, Finalist Local Business Awards 2022, Best SEO Agency - Australia Prestige Awards 2022.

Finalist Inner West Business Awards 2021, Best SEO Agency for eCommerce 2021, Marketing Management Service Provider of the Year 2021, Finalist Local Business Awards 2020.


These awards serve as a benchmark of our quality, innovation, and commitment to client success. With Marketix Digital, you're not just choosing an SEO service; you're choosing an award-winning partner committed to propelling your business to new heights.

Check our Recent Projects and Case Studies

Our Case Studies

From ranking clients #1 in competitive markets to substantial increases in organic traffic and conversions, our case studies exemplify the tangible impact of our data-driven SEO approach and proven SEO methodologies that drive consistent results for our clients, time and time again.


We're proud of our wins!

Companies that Grow with Us

Some of Our SEO Services Clients

Uno Home Loans - Dominating the Online Mortgage Broker Market

Vincent Turner

Marketix Digital partnered with Uno Home Loans, a leading online mortgage broker in Australia, to revitalise their SEO strategy and regain their dominance in the competitive online mortgage broker market.


This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Marketix Digital and Uno Home Loans, showcasing the strategies implemented to achieve top rankings for relevant keywords and drive business growth.

Results Achieved with SEO and SEM:


 Achieved the #1 ranking for the highly competitive keyword "online mortgage broker" in Australia.


 Significantly improved search engine rankings for relevant keywords, enhancing Uno Home Loans' online visibility and market share.


 Strengthened the website's technical architecture, on-page structure, and content quality, improving user experience and search engine friendliness.


 Implemented a successful content strategy, enhancing content relevance and establishing Uno Home Loans' expertise in the mortgage industry.

 What Our SEO Clients Are Saying About Our SEO Services

Our SEO Services Testimonials

SEO Testimonial From Uno Home Loans

Vincent Turner, CEO - UNO Home Loans

Ranks #1 for Online Mortgage Broker in Australia


"We’re now executing on an SEO strategy to increase our presence in the competitive online mortgage broker market.


We now rank #1 for this highly competitive keyword in Australia."

SEO Testimonial from Circles Life Australia Telco

Brandon Patrao, Digital Marketing Manager - Circles.Life

Beating Telstra and Optus within the Mobile Sim Card category


"Within 6 months we are ranking #1 for a number of our core offers, beating other major players in Australia like Telstra and Optus.


We are tracking to increase our online sales significantly whilst reducing our reliance on PPC spend."

SEO Testimonial from Women's Fashion Boutique/eCommerce Store

Vanesssa Harvey - We Are Roar

Ranking #1 for multiple high-end designer women's brands in Australia


"Marketix has increased our sales from online marketing by 513% compared to the same period last year."


"We are now ranking on the top of Page 1 for a number of key brands and designers that we carry, which is continuing to help us increase our sales and we anticipate this will grow further in the future."

SEO Services That You Can Trust


We understand that trust is an important factor for our clients when it comes to SEO services.


We believe that our proven track record of delivering results and achieving top positions in search rankings speaks for itself.


We would be happy to address any concerns or questions you may have about our services and help you gain confidence in our ability to meet your SEO needs.


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Reach out to us for a comprehensive Traffic Loss Audit performed by our expert team and start steering your website back to its peak performance.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Traffic Loss Audit?

What are the possible reasons for traffic loss?

Why is it important to address traffic loss promptly?

How does the C.R.I.C.S framework aid in the Traffic Loss Audit?

How long does it take to see improvements after the audit?

Do you provide recommendations for improvements post-audit?

What differentiates a Traffic Loss Audit from a standard SEO audit?

How will the changes implemented post-audit affect my current SEO standings?

Can traffic loss be due to seasonal fluctuations or industry trends? How does the audit address this?

What tools do you use for the SEO Audit?

Can a Traffic Loss Audit help improve user experience on my website?

Why is it important to understand Google's process of crawling and indexing my website?

How do I get started with a Traffic Loss Audit?

Who We Are

About Marketix Digital

Marketix Digital

Marketix Digital is a premier Sydney-based SEO agency that specialises in customised solutions for businesses in Australia.

Our team of experts provides enterprise SEO, national SEO, local, eCommerce, and technical SEO services to improve your website's search engine ranking and online visibility.

We conduct a thorough SEO analysis of your website and develop a custom SEO strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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