Trending Google Searches: Scott Morrison vs Anthony Albanese (Australian Elections 2022)

If you’re Australian, you’d be hard-pressed to avoid the fact that the federal elections are coming up and were called for the 21st May 2022 by Scott Morrison.


As the two parties and leaders flex and spin up their PR machines - Let’s look at how the Australian population are actually searching on their next elected leader.


Note: We pulled these top queries using a combination of SEO analysis tools such as: Google Trends, SEMrush and Ahrefs and backdated the analysis from 10th April 2022 when the election was called.


Scott Morrison - Top 10 Searches:

  • How old is Scott Morrison?
  • Where does Scott Morrison live?
  • Where is Scott Morrison?
  • When did Scott Morrison become Prime Minister?
  • How much does Scott Morrison earn?
  • Which vaccine did Scott Morrison take?
  • How good is Scott Morrison?
  • What party is Scott Morrison?
  • What has Scott Morrison done for Australia?
  • Why does Scott Morrison support coal?


Anthony Albanese - Top 10 Searches:


  • Can Anthony Albanese win the next election?
  • Is Anthony Albanese married?
  • How old is Anthony Albanese?
  • What happened to Anthony Albanese?
  • What religion is Anthony Albanese?
  • Does Anthony Albanese have a partner?
  • Where does Anthony Albanese live?
  • Who is Anthony Albanese?
  • Has Anthony Albanese lost weight?
  • How did Anthony Albanese lose weight?


Conclusion/Wrap up


It seems that the general public are less concerned about specific policies and ideas that these politicians hold since the Australian election was called, and more about the personal characteristics of individual politicians; queries like religion, age, marriage status, weight and even where they live.


The only outliers being questions geared around Scott Morrisons support for coal and trying to understand what Scott Morrison has done for Australia; with the other top query for Albanese asking if he can actually win the election – Only time will tell!


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Scomo vs Albo Searches Infographic

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