SEO Statistics Australia 2022

Organic Traffic and SEO is the most important Digital Marketing activity you can undertake this year.


These statistics are quite-frankly astounding, and demonstrate the value of Organic Traffic and why SEO is an important consideration as part of your Go To Market, Marketing and Growth Strategy in 2020/2021.


1. As of November 2020, Google share of search engine traffic in Australia is 94.24%, Bing at 3.88%, Yahoo at 0.75% and DuckDuckGo at 0.69%.


For capturing the minds of Australian Search Engine Users, Google is the most important search engine to rank on as this is where the bulk of your traffic will come from.


Bing is a secondary consideration as there is another 3.88% of traffic opportunity.


We typically find websites that have been optimised for Google will naturally rank in good positions on Bing.




2. The average conversion rate for Organic Traffic is 16%, firmly beating the 1.7% conversion rate for traditional outbound methods.


Almost 10x more effective than any other channel! This represents a massive sales and marketing opportunity for any business with a “searchable” product or service.




3. Over 3.5 Billion Searches are completed every single day on Google (globally), this represents many individuals searching for information, products and services on Google.


Search data gives us a lot of information, in fact, depending on the query type it can tell us exactly where a customer is in the buying lifecycle – Whether their search provides context around awareness, consideration, evaluation or decision.




4. The average Click-through-rate (CTR) for the first position on Google is 28.5%.

Beyond position 1 the percentage falls quickly: In the second position, the average Click-through-rate is 15.7% and in the third position, 11%.


There is a sharp decline - In the tenth position, only an average of 2.5% of people searching click on the result.





5. Only 2.6% of Searchers Click Through on a Google Ads (Adwords) Result.


It’s much less than thought. This means that Organic Search is still a far more powerful and important consideration for accelerating your business growth.


Ranking organically on Google provides much higher click-through rates and conversion rates.




6. Over a third of search queries are “long-tail” keywords.


Optimising your content and content clusters around valuable long-tail searches is worth exploring, often these are easier to rank for and allow you to attract highly-targeted traffic.




7. Organic Traffic is 3x more effective at converting traffic compared to Social Media traffic.


Organic search traffic generally converts better as it catches people at the end or near to the end of their purchase cycle (consideration, evaluation and decision).


Whereas Social, allows brands to connect with people even before they know they need or want the brand's product or service (awareness).




8. Organic Traffic provides Faster and Simpler Sales Cycles.


B2B buyers spend 27% of their time researching online before making a purchase which means they are already far advanced into their “buying cycle”; typically already in the process of evaluation and decision.


This means fewer resources are wasted convincing your prospects and customers why they need your product, they already know that they need it, and are at the buying stage with “who” they will work with.




Wrap Up


It’s clear to see that Organic Traffic produces not only higher-conversion rates, and reduced sales-cycles – but gives businesses the opportunity to become astute leaders in their industry by absorbing the market share of consumers searching for their products and services.


SEO is an essential part of your Digital Marketing mix and should be considered as a priority.


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