How to SEO your TikTok videos correctly

Search engines help us find information with ease, but how is this relevant to your TikTok posts?


Well, turns out TikTok posts can be optimised for search engines to get a better reach and increase visibility of your content. This means there’s a lot that you can do to boost your TikTok profile, whether you’re an independent creator or a small business, or a large corporation!


So, how do you customise and optimise your TikTok profile for SEO? Let’s find out.



Does SEO matter on TikTok?


Yes. It will help your account grow organically and at a faster pace. TikTok is a social media horizontal video-sharing application that has room for all types of creators. The post you share on TikTok has a caption along with a few hashtags. These hashtags help people discover you and the content they like without any effort. 


These hashtags and keywords are picked up by search engines to improve their search results and give relevant links. 


How does adding hashtags help your account? 


The only rule that you need to abide by while adding hashtags is that TikTok allows only 100 characters including hashtags in their captions. 


Hashtags can increase your reach as the audience would be able to connect and find you easily based on them. You must use relevant hashtags to reach out to the proper audience that will interact with your content. Hashtags will push your content to audiences that are more likely to follow you. You must up your content game to make sure that you convert a view count into a follow though.


Hashtags are fun but what’s not fun is spamming your caption with hashtags. A maximum of 5 relevant hashtags would be considered good enough for your TikTok video.


Don’t forget to check on the competition. ‘Keep your friends close but your enemies closer’,’ the same applies to your brand. You can use hashtags to keep a track of your competition. It will also help you recognize the hashtags that they target to get a better reach. Keeping a healthy competition will only motivate you to push your limits.


How to optimize a profile for more visibility?


Optimizing your profile needs a little bit of effort in all departments. Apart from nailing your hashtag strategy, here are other easy ways to increase your visibility.


Use TikTok Analytics 


You can access analytics by switching your TikTok account to a PRO account. Similar to other social media platforms, TikTok’s analytics would help you analyze your content’s performance alongside the audience’s engagement. You will be able to study your audience and with the help of the data, you can create or turn around your content strategy and marketing plan. TikTok’s analytics will provide you with your follower’s behavior patterns, profile metrics, and data about your content. 


This in-depth tool will help you plan your SEO better by improving the way you present your videos based on the data. 


Use trending music


TikTok is an app that runs on trends, to be a trendsetter you must first understand how a trend works. On TikTok, trends are mostly infectious due to their sound and uniqueness of dance steps. 


You can create your TikTok posts around a trending sound to increase the chances of your video getting viral. Using trending sounds ensures an engagement boost that aligns your profile with the algorithm. 


Collaborate with other TikTokers


As a creator of TikTok, you need to build a community by collaborating with other creators who make similar content. This will not only amplify your post but also create a sense of community amongst the audience. 


TikTok’s duet feature lets you create your TikTok video with an influencer or a celebrity and this can immediately boost your engagement due to a recognizable face. 


Should you cross-promote your TikTok profile on IG, YT, and more? 


Yes! After TikTok, a lot of platforms started coming up with their version of micro-vertical video content. Instagram came up with Reels, YouTube with YouTube shorts, and so on. As a TikTok creator you need to maintain your presence across all social media platforms. 


Ready to post on TikTok?


Don’t forget, TikTok videos are short so there must be a repeat value to them. Once you post your TikTok videos on Instagram and other social media platforms, you will notice your traffic moving towards TikTok. Creating a balance is important as too much cross-promotion would result in losing out on your audience.

To make your work life as a TikTok creator easier and optimize your SEO your videos need to be of high quality. This can be achieved when you use an online video editor that enables you to create and enhance vertical videos that can be used across platforms. Good luck!